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Hot Flashes?
Night Sweats?
Trouble Sleeping?

Menopause Therapy Center

If you are a woman over 35 years old bothered by hot flashes, night sweats, or sleeping problems and interested in finding relief without taking hormones, the Menopause Therapy Center is the place for you.

Dr. Thomas Guttuso, Jr., MD is the Director of the Menopause Therapy Center.  Dr. Guttuso has been successfully treating women with these menopausal symptoms since 1997 using safe, non-hormonal medications that are truly effective.

Patient Testimonials:

“I had my hysterectomy and, due to a blood disorder, I cannot take estrogen.  Surgical menopause started kicking my butt several weeks after I got out of the hospital... night sweats approximately every 20-30 minutes each night that left me a zombie with no energy to care for my family - it was awful.

I went to an appointment with my Gynecologist armed with all my internet findings about your research.  I discussed trying the medication and she was open to it (thank God).  I started with one pill that very night. I had NO night sweats that night! I was so excited... and so well-rested.  What a relief.

And just in case you haven't realized how very thankful I am for what you have done, for all of your hard work... THANK YOU!!!!!  Words could not adequately express how your work changed my life.”

Melissa J.
Atlanta, GA

“The night sweats were killing me.  The lack of sleep night after night started really interfering with my work.  I could hardly stay awake.  Now, I can sleep beautifully without any night sweats!  It’s a miracle.  Thank you!"

Susan B.
Clarence, NY

Hot Flashes & Night Sweats:
Hot Flashes affect about 75% of women after going through menopause and last for about 5 years, on average.  For many women, hot flashes start years before they stop menstruating (stop having a menstrual period) but then get worse after they fully stop menstruating, which usually occurs around the age of 50.  Hot flashes are often triggered by stress, anxiety or drinking alcohol but most hot flashes occur without any precipitant.

When a hot flash strikes, there’s no mistaking it: a women suddenly feels extremely hot inside and often her face flushes and she starts to sweat.  The whole episode usually lasts 3-5 minutes before resolving.   Often, a woman will then feel cold after the resolution of the hot flash.

Hot flashes that occur at night are called night sweats and are very bothersome for women because of the associated sleep disruption.  Women repetitively will throw the bed sheets off and then back on with each night sweat.  Because night sweats often lead to very poor sleep quality, women with night sweats often feel sleepy during the day and experience impaired concentration and irritability of mood.

Hot flashes and night sweats are natural neurological symptoms triggered by the low estrogen levels that occur during the menopausal transition.


Dr. Guttuso

About Dr. Guttuso:

Dr. Guttuso is a native of Western New York. He is a board-certified, Associate Professor of Neurology at the University at Buffalo.  He received his bachelor's degree in 1988 in psychology from Cornell University, his master's degree in 1992 in psychology from the University at Buffalo and his medical degree (MD) in 1996 from the University at Buffalo.  He performed his residency and fellowship at the University of Rochester and then joined the faculty at the University at Buffalo in 2003.

Dr. Guttuso became interested in hot flashes in 1997 when a patient reported that her hot flashes and night sweats resolved when starting a medication that Dr. Guttuso prescribed for her migraine headaches.  Since then, Dr. Guttuso has performed several research studies on non-hormonal treatments for hot flashes and has successfully treated hundreds of women with hot flashes and night sweats with these treatments.

Dr. Guttuso has presented his research findings internationally and has authored 13 research papers on this subject published in medical journals including Lancet, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Menopause, and Neurology.  Most of his research has been funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).  His research has also been featured in Reader's Digest, Time Magazine, and on CBS Evening News with Dan Rather.



If you are tired of being tired or fed up with being hot and sweaty, you deserve to learn the facts about how you can be helped safely, without the use of hormones.


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